Optimize NTFS index after large number of file deletions?

Setup:  Dell 2.4 Ghz, 80 Gb Hard Drive, Windows XP Home w/service Pack 1 and all updates except SP2.

Background:  I recently had a major project which involved downloading Zip files, unzipping 1.8 MILLION small files, renaming all said files (changing extension - these are basically small CSV text files), doing some QBASIC programming which extracted the data and created summary files, and deleting the 1.8 million files.  I have emptied my Recycle Bin, purged files in Norton SystemWorks "Protected files", cleaned out the Temp directory (Both one in Windows and one in Docs&settings\..\Local Settings).

I find the computer is real sluggish - I will click on an open app on taskbar and the machine doesn't immediately go to that app, it takes longer when looking for files in Windows Explorer, etc.  The calc speeds (if in Excel for example) don't seem to affected - just the screen refresh and file related functions.  It is behaving a lot like if you have too many files in the recycle bin.

My understanding is that NTFS uses a journal approach to keeping track of file locations.  If this is true, is it possible that the journal has just gotten too big and needed reindexed?  However, if that is the case - why would screen refreshes be impacted?

Not sure where to go - anybody have any ideas?



P.S. - I will run Norton SpeedDisk on the unit as soon as possible - have not had the opportunity yet.
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Most defragmentation programs can defragment the MFT etc as well. Chkdsk also checks the NTFS indexes.
Actually, I'm not sure if SpeedDisk has that function or not since I don't use it. I use Diskeeper, and it has the option to defragment the MFT during a boot time defragmentation.
And Chkdsk checks the MFT indexes, but I don't believe it defragments it at all, so the only option that I know of it a defragmenting program like Diskeeper that has this option.
dbishAuthor Commented:
I found that Norton speed disk gets through its "set-up" scan to a point at 92% of completion and then hangs.  Happens repeatedly and always at same place.  Thought it might be a corrupt file so ran CHKDSK, Norton Disk Doctor, and Microsoft Defrag and all ran without problems.  My backup software is set to automatically backup certain directories when ever there is a change and backups to the My Documents folder is causing 100% CPU usage and it takes two minutes to scan 6800 files for change and back up a small changed file.  I am guessing there is something going on in the My Documents folder - but what - don't know yet.  I am waiting for a technical response from the Backup program write (program is called FileBack).   I may copy the whole folder out to a CD, delete my Folder on the Hard drive, and then copy back.

Thanks for your quick response.


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