Can I create a sub with a variable number of paramters?

I have a hash that is based on the CollectionBase class:

public class myclass
inherits system.collections.collectionbase

private the_hash as new hashtable ' Internal storage

public sub add( byval thing as whatever, byval name as string)
end sub

So to use it I say eg

dim h as new myclass

What I would like to do is have a constructor with a variable number of parameters that I could use like this:

dim h as new myclass(thing1, thing2, thing3)

Can I do this?
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S-TwilleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want ANY number of parameters... use the ParamArray keyword..

From the help file....

Sub P(ByVal D As Date, ByVal ParamArray C() As Char)
' The preceding definition is equivalent to the following overloads:
'    Overloads Sub P(ByVal D As Date, ByVal C() As Char)
'    Overloads Sub P(ByVal D As Date)
'    Overloads Sub P(ByVal D As Date, ByVal C As Char)
'    Overloads Sub P(ByVal D As Date, ByVal C1 As Char, ByVal C2 As Char)
' And so on, with an additional Char argument in each successive overload.

So you can call Sub P  with a date followed by any number of arguments of type Char
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
just use an array of "thing" as your parameter
kilgore666Author Commented:
Not sure what you mean. My own solution uses a hash rather than an array.

What are you suggesting the declaration of New would be and how would you call it with 2 parameters, and with three parameters (eg)
any example using paramarray...

Sub P(ByVal D As Date, ByVal ParamArray C() As Char)
    Dim xChar as Char

    For Each xChar in C
End Sub
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