How should I set up DNS?

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I have a small Windows 2000/2003 Network, there is an ISA server that filters incoming traffic and has two external IP's and one Interal IP...

One external is for "www" the other is for "mail"
The internal does DHCP for the internal network.

Then there are two internal Exchange server, and one file server.

Active directory is active on the internal servers.

I would like for the internal servers to handle internal requests, but if they don't know something (like a web address) then they should go to the ISA server to get the information.

I don't know much about DNS, and need some guidance in setting this up properly.
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You will need to set a forward port to your ISA server in DNS.  

To configure DNS for automatic discovery of ISA Server

 Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click DNS.
 In the console tree, right-click the applicable forward lookup zone and click New Alias.


DNS > DNS server  > Forward Lookup Zones > Applicable zone
 In Alias name, type WPAD.
 In Fully qualified name for target host, type the fully-qualified domain name of the ISA Server computer or array.

• If DNS does not appear in Administrative Tools, it is not installed. See Windows 2000 Server Help for the installation procedure.
• If the ISA Server computer or array already has a host (A) record defined, you can click Browse to search the DNS namespace for the ISA Server or array name.
• When using DNS to publish WPAD, automatic discovery must be configured to use Port 80. Alternatively, the outgoing Web requests must be configured to listen on Port 80.
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