how to fax from Access 2000

Hi Experts,

Faxing from a pc is a new world to me.

I would like to fax from an Access 2000 mdb.

VBA code to accomplish this would be so appreciated!

thx, Sandra

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LJGConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you go to  and click "Fellow Programmers" on the left side you will see some code for Win Fax (#30) under the MS Access group.  There is an issue with Windows XP and the code, but Rick Toner found a solution to it.  I just talked to Rick (great guy) today and he gave me permission to post the code.  I will get the code posted some time next week.  I'll send Rick a link to this question, and you might be able to get him to send you the code before next week if you need it.

The Good:
Win Fax works great if you are faxing a couple of reports, there are even ways to track what was sent.  The fax receiving sends back time, phone number, etc. which you can capture and track.  So if someone says they didn't get it you can say, your machine identified by phone number (555) 123-4567 received it on April 15, at 7:57 AM.

The Bad:
Faxing itself is taking a document and turning it into a graphic.  That takes time.  You would not want to fax 50 faxes on your machine and then wait until it got finished to go forward.

The Ugly:
WinFax has not been updated in a number of years.  Symantec, I think, has decided not to move forward with the product

Other Solutions: (In order of best solution first in my opinion.)
1) Print your reports to Adobe Acrobat and send them through email.
2) Get a fax server like Right Fax and fax your reports through the server.  That way the work is done on the server and not on your local machine.
3) Have a machine that is used for big fax jobs.  Have anybody that is faxing more than 5 faxes at a time go to that machine to start the faxing with WinFax.  Walk away, and go about their business.

Sandra, I hope this answers your questions.  Let me know if you need more info.


What is you fax agent (the software)?
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mytfeinAuthor Commented:
Hi DannyWareham,

Actually, at this time, I have requested of IT to have them install a fax modem.

I posted this question to gather information:
      just in case I need to convince IT to order one manufacturer over another due to ease of use.

I appreciate your response...just want to keep this question open for a little more time....and perhaps increase and split points....

thx again, Sandra
mytfeinAuthor Commented:
Hi Larrry,

Thx so much for your reply....

I work in a large medical center, where we service our employees.

Employees  come in all the time for a copy of their medical record, or a copy of their health clearance.
The administrators are allowed to request an employee's health clearance, too ....
              (as there is no personal info on this document)

So I have a form to locate an employee and buttons to print various documents.
I would like to add a combobox with choices: preview, print, email, fax
Depending on choice made, form would expect the parameter email address or fax number

Want the ability to send in any of the above "directions" because:
    a) our regular fax machine is having problems
          - - this got me thinking, how to get around being dependent on that machine
    b) we do alot of faxing
          - - would save paper
    c) send out to email, too:
          - - sometimes recipient's fax machine is not operating    

And, so to summarize:
1) I appreciate your feedback about WinFax
2) I appreciate that you directed me to code at the URL above (compliments on you website... :)   )
3) I appreciate that you might post some additional logic related to XP in the near future

just wondering questions:
If symantec is moving a away from Winfax:
   a) are you aware if they produced another product, or moving away from pc-to-fax,  altogether
   b) are you aware of other fax software products that interface with Access

thx so much for your help! Sandra

To answer your questions:
a) I don't know what their intention is, but I have version 10 that I just looked at and the last copyright was in 1999.  I think I purchased it in 2000.  I looked at the website and they still are selling version 10.  When was the last time you saw a program that hasn't been updated for 5 or 6 years?

b) I currently do most of the communication through email, but where I do do faxing, I have been doing it using Right Fax which is a Fax Server on the companies network.  To my knowledge (and there are experts out there who know more than myself) WinFax is still the best for a stand alone machine, but there are many Fax Server software programs for company wide faxing.

Hope this helps
mytfeinAuthor Commented:
Hi Larry,

Rick Toner has emailed me with the enhanced logic.

Just sent an email to the IT department with the facts gathered from this thread.

Hopefully we will come to an informed decision that will determine the best direction to take....

thx so very much for your assistance! Sandra
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