Dell Poweredge 400sc & CERC ATA Raid Controller NO Fault Tolerance ??

NEW to CERC Raid Controller.

Have a Dell PowerEdge 400sc running w2k3 server.
Device Manager:
Disk Devices one PERC SCSI Disk Device

IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers shows
Intel Parallel Ultra ATA Strorage Controller
Intel Serial Ultra ATA Strorage Controller
Secondary IDE Channel

Disk Manager states that the Fault Tolerance setting is NO.  Please help me confirm if the RAID controller is setup correctly?

There is no Array Manager from dell for this server running 2003 server.

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Duncan MeyersCommented:
Disk Manager is correct: software fault tolerance is not set up, but since you have hardware RAID, who cares?

Install Dell OpenManage Array Manager (from the System Management applications CD that came with your system, or better, download the latest version from  and you'll see the details of the disks hidden behind the RAID controller. You'll find an Array Manager option directly below Disk Management in the Computer Management console.

You do need to be aware that you may have to update the RAID controller drivers and firmware. Download from here:

Hope this helps...
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Hi pmickelson,

Can I ask you why the C grade? Was the answer not correct?
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