Network printer can't configure to use it in W2K machine!!

This the situation in it's current state, i have try to install the printer with the hp network printer installer, with internet printer connection, by doing a manual install using PCL5e and PCL6 drivers, by HP mobile printing service, all unsuccessful. Although the first time that i tried with the internet printing connection it did work for the test page afterward i turned off the computer and never worked again.

Is HP 2200d Printer connected to the network, I have a Dell Latitude c640.

Thx for your help in front...

Ah something more to add the printer works perfectly from other computers, the problem is just with this one...
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are your other computers 2k or are they xp?
casencioAuthor Commented:
2k, but thank you for your help it seemed the problem was solved by doing a new tcp/ip port on the computer and it worked...
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