Visual studio .net Recordset

How can I create a recordset into project
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ok...try this:

//set your sql statement
string sql = "SELECT * FROM Customers";

//setting up your connection object assuming it's njot a trusted connection
SqlConnection m_cn = new SqlConnection(@";Database=myDatabaseName;User  ID=userName;Password=yourPassword;Trusted_Connection=False");

//setting up your dataAdapter
SqlDataAdapter daCustomers = new SqlDataAdapter(sql, m_cn);

//create your dataset here
DataSet dsCustomer = new DataSet();

//fill your dataSet with customers rec ords.
daCustomers.Fill(dsCustomer, "Customers");

check out this link below.  i found it to be really useful to get the in and out of in general
what do you mean by creating a recordset into a project?

Do you mean creating a DataSet inside an project?  
A record set is used in asp classic/vb etc. It has since been replaced by datatables, datasets (in memory results sets that can actually be a collection of more than one table, with relationships etc. - dumbed down explanation) and the datareader (not in memory, forward only). Benefits and drawbacks to all, but considerable improvement over the old way.

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chouprouteAuthor Commented:
Can you explain how to work with Dataset,
just an example of code to help me to start.
chouprouteAuthor Commented:
HOw thanks a lot,
Is there any way with VB.NET to create a "browsable" datagrid(when we put the mouse over a line in the datagrid, she became on other color, and when we click on it,  a new page appear)


check this link out.

there was one other site that had a dll file that one only needs to import it via "Add/Remove Items" and voila.  It's free too but can't seem to find it.  Gimme your e-mail and i'll sent it to you.

hope i'm not breaking any laws... =)

chouprouteAuthor Commented:
I already read the first link it dooesn't seem to work.....

my mail is

Thanks again
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