Windows 2000 Cannot Boot or See C: Drive

HELP - I've looked everywhere - i cannot boot into Windows 2000 Professional
1st error was a chkdsk error message.  I tried the WIN2k Recovery options and now its still booting with "The session manager initialization system process terminated unexpectedly"

** I have a 2nd pc with Win 2000 (work PC) and a laptio with Win XP **

No problems for over 2 years - this PC is critical and I cannot lose the data files !
(No decent backup - some files backed up a month ago...)

From what I've found on Google the partition appears to be there

I boot with the Win2k CD - go to Repair - Recovery console
C:\  "The path or file specified is not valid"

MAP --  (The CDs and A: drive are ok)  The C: drive is shot
?         0 MB    \Device\Harddisk0\PArtition0
?    38147MB    \Device\Harddisk0\PArtition1
?          16MB    \Device\Harddisk0\PArtition0
A:                     \Device\Floppy0
D:                     \Device\CdRom0
E:                     \Device\CdRom1

FIXBOOT  - comes back with "successsfully written"  but still can't access C: drive

Is the 1st partition "Extra"  or something ????

What I did
New laptop this week - setup wireless router to replace wired router
LAPTOP is fine - problem with Gateway desktop (about 4+ years old)
-- Only laptop is wireless

Setup laptop to share files on Gateway PC-  Many problems - went to Google to get tips
1 tip was to run a Win XP config program on the older Win2k PC
Then I shared the C: drive using my name -  I may have removed "Everyone" - not certain ?

All was fine - About 3 am Norton Antivirus runs ad this morning had a message it couldn't load some file.  I then found I couldn't access internet - even tried DOS - PING

Then I re-booted - That was it - COULD NOT GET BACK TO WINDOWS 2000 !
1st message was "could not load autchk somethinig....



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I'm a bit confused by your description. Is the Gateway PC your work PC, or is the Gateway PC the one that failed in the first place and won't boot anymore?

In any case, considering you have critical files on that disk, I would recommend not trying to get that to boot, but take that failing disk to another PC and attach it as a secondary drive (not master) and try to recover your files as best as you can. Take a look at this software:

there is a free trial so can at least try it to see if it can recover anything useful.

Sure seems like a failing disk, or maybe some virus or other fault seriously damaged your system disk.

Good luck.
Hmm really bad situation here,

I found these links:

Ultimate Boot CD: 
Bart's PE: 

To boot from a CD, then to save more data you can.
I will keep on searching for solution for you. Though I have never come up such situation.
Sorry for you, hope you will solve your problem.
stringelAuthor Commented:
thanks  - i have been looking that route now as a last resort -  the process is frustrating with windows 2000 not cooperating  - My GAteway PC is the one tat crashed - my "work" pc is a Compaq desktop with win 2k
I also have an older gateway rnning windows 95 that hasn't been used in a year I'm gonna try putting the hard disk there 1st
stringelAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I'm new to this site and didn't know the rules - I did not mean to 'accept' that answer and close the question as I would still appreciate any feedback on this issue  Not sure how to 're-open' the question and I don't get the point system either (because I joined under pressure to fix this issue)
I don't think you'll have much luck with a Win/95 Pc because that won't read an NTFS partition (and not even a FAT32 partition unless it is v95b)

Re. getting the question reopened, I am not 100% sure, but I think if you go to:

you can post a request there for 0 points.

Good luck.
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