Disappearance of Confirmation box as the back end page refreshes


I have a page which refrehses every 60 seconds.  In that page I have a cancel button. On clicking this button, it opens a layer for confimation box (code for creating the layer is given below).  The issues is, when the page auto-refreshes the confirmation box gets disapperd.  where as I need to retain the confirmation box till the user confirms.  

Can anyone please tell me how to reatain the confirmation box when the parent page refrehses.

function hideModal(globalFormName)
                  for (var i=0; i < globalFormName.elements.length; i++) {
                  if (globalFormName.elements[i].type == 'select-one' || globalFormName.elements[i].type == 'select-multiple') {

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when this pops up you can have a hidden value in the parent page which gets submitted to the server..
server shd send it back to the page... after this you can use the value to determine if you need to call the pop up code again
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