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I am testing Roaming profiles.  I created the main Roaming$ folder share. And shared it to "Authenticated Users"=Full
Security =Full for Domain Admins & Users.

After I have the "test" user account loging and basically upload their profile - everything looks and works fine.  When I try to go back to the Roaming$ folder and browse it doesn't let me view the user's sub-folders. WHY?
I get an Access Denied error message.  

When I try to view the security permission it says that I am not an owner (I am a Domain Admin).  I tried going into the Security of the user folder and taking ownership.  But that  breaks the roaming profile.  After that the test user logs in w/ the local profile and gets an error message saying that the server could not be contacted and any changes to the profile will not be made on the server.

HELP! Thanks!!!
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's a setting that needs to be enabled on the clients. You can either set it on the clients using gpedit.msc, or through a group policy from your DC.
Here are some links about group policies (for W2k, but basically still valid):

Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the Group Policy Feature Set

White Paper: Introduction to Windows 2000 Group Policy

White Paper: Windows 2000 Group Policy

Windows Server 2000 Resource Kit: Chapter 4 - How Group Policy Works

Windows Server 2000 Resource Kit: Chapter 22 - Group Policy
You need to apply a policy to your client machines to allow Administrators access to the profiles.
You'll find it under Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles, Add security group "Administrators" to roaming profiles (or similar, not using an English version). In addition, you can disable the ownership check there as well.
trbosolAuthor Commented:
Is that a setting on the clients or server?  Computer Management?  Not sure where you are talking.
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