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hi im at university, not strictly at halls but something similar - www.Ubroadband.net. Anyway several ports are being blocked including the following for which i would like to use for gambling:

Poker4 – 5700-5709, 5720, 5724
Poker4 tournament - 5750-5759

is there a programme that can unblock ports or is there no such thing? is it that my ISP has me secretly behind a firewall and so therefore there is nothing that i can do? I JUST WANNA PLAY POKER DAMNIT!!!

iv emailed them but dont get any foregone conclusions just the usual schpiel... anyway any suggestions?
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meverestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in short - nope.

in long - maybe:  if the client support socks protocol, you might be able connect to (or set up) a public socks server outside the local network and then connect your client software to that service.  the socks server will proxy all requests over a common port (usuall 1080 or something like that)

david76saulAuthor Commented:
thanks for that meverest but i merely had to upgrade to SP2 and viola! my pokering days are back haha!
OK, then it obviously wasn't a blocked port issue at all?
david76saulAuthor Commented:
well, i cant connect all of the time and its by no means instantly available so i really dont know... i definately cant use BT cos ports 6881-6889 are blocked i think! thanks!

oh by the way are you familiar with accessdiver? i cant analyze proxies cos of SP2 any suggestions? iv tried some patches but all i ever get are timeouts! i realise this is a bit off topic but hey, 2 birds one stone!
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