Moving delphi to a new machine

my dev box is getting skanky.   It's full of garbage and in need of a reformat.   I'm happy to do this in general, but I NEED to ensure that I dont have more than a couple hours of downtime.  I've reformatted more times than I care to remember in my life and really can do it quite quickly, but I really want to ensure that my delphi libs and settings etc are all maintained.     I dont know if the information about installed libs / components are kept in the registry or some file storage in the app dir etc...  

I use a modified version of jedi for instance that takes HOURS to install and I really dont want to have to do all that every time I reformat.

Any suggestions?
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BlackTigerXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just make sure you put all the third party componets in the same folder locations you had them in the original machine,
then export these keys (from the original machine) and restore them in the new machine:


restore those after you install Delphi in the new machine...
blacktigerx is saying good thing but in the future it is preffered to use any system ghost (as Norton system ghost) in order to keep all your sittings in all the system use it now after installing a fresh copy of system and all programs needed to avoid such a problem in the future

in the other hand all what will be changed after the format is the external components you can find them in the (lib) folder or you have to redownload them
hibbidijiAuthor Commented:
EVERY time I start a new machine I SWEAR that I'm going to image off my drive before installing too much.  EVERY time I end up installing more than 4.7 GB in data and cant burn off a DVD image  :)   I'll just promise myself to do it again and not do it again.

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