How do I turn a VB.NET Application into a Single DLL

Greetings all,

The title pretty much saya it all. I would like to know if there is a way to turn my entire application into a DLL.

I have started the points low but I will increase the points if it is possible and for information on how it is done.

Thanks in advance,

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bman9111Connect With a Mentor Commented:
to create a dll just go project and the the nameof your application properties and change the output type to class library
rodmjayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think to put it all in the same dll, put everything in the same project and change it to output type class library
rrbeckerAuthor Commented:
Thats It????  (I mean) Thats It!

Boy am I embarassed.....

Now I can do some more 'Tinkering' and baybe I'll ask some additional questions later.

Thanks a bunch,


BTW, I  raised the points and I am splitting them between the both of you.
no problem, I do that sometimes too....

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