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LCD Monitor Failure?


I have a flatron lcd 563le monitor. As i was reinstalling winxp pro, during the 1st 10 mins the monitor switches off and on in a second around a acouple of times. I assume its loading or testing display drivers and have experienced this before on numerous xp installations on same monitor with no problems. Astonishingly when the 1st time the monitor flicked off and on the screen resulted in displaying so many colours like if a laptop monitor cracks. Then it switched off again and a second later i had a white blank screen. The third time the monitor flicked off and on, the moitor returned back to normal but winxp installation crashed. So i restarted pc and the 1st time the monitor flicked off and on the white screen returned, also winxp installion crashed at that point again. Now whenever i use the monitor i cant get rid of the white screen, like if monitor has stopped responding, also cannot access monitor functions too. I tried connecting monitor to laptop but again the white screen does not go away.
Now i am using a 19inch crt monitor and it looks like a battleship compared to lcd monitor.

Any suggestions or has my lcd screen packed up due to winxp installation.

1 Solution
You should check the monitor on another system, to verify that the monitor is the problem - it may well be your video card, unless you are using it with a CRT and there are no problems.  In that case, it sounds like the power supply to the LCD has gone bad or the LCD controller, and the switching on and off during installation pushed it over the edge.  This would mean repair or replace.
try accessing the menu system while it is not connected to the PC, this should indicate if it is working or not.
this is a possibility but I am not sure, maybe the backlight is burnt out

The backlight is not out; a backlight that is off (whether turned off or defective) will simply produce a solid black totally dark screen, and you have a white screen, and a screen with colors.

There is, in general, no way for the monitor to cause a crash of the computer or an installation failure.  From the computer's perspective, the monitor is only an output device, and in general the computer will continue running doing it's thing no matter what the monitor does (someone is going to mention the exception to this, the DDC (display data channel), and that's technically correct, but I have never seen a monitor bring down a computer or cause software installations to halt).

So in my mind, the question is, do you just have a bad monitor, or is the monitor actually reflecting a problem in the computer?  You need to test this monitor on another system, and at the same time, you need to get another monitor -- known good -- to test with this system.

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