Best open source or free source code formatter/beautifierfor JAVA?

Best open source or free source code formatter/beautifierfor JAVA?

Which source code formatter/beautifierfor JAVA would you suggest, provided it
a) is open source or free for non-commercial use.
b) If possible, follows Java code conventions (
c) runs from commandline and
d) If possible, has plugin for NetBeans and/or jEdit for GUI configuration
e) if possible, supports (parses and formats) java code written for J2SE 5.0

Please provide your reason for suggesting the tool. ( for example : award winning, some feature that other tools in same category don't provide, most configurable, best GUI configuration support, 100% Sun Java code conventions support for code format, formats java code written for J2SE 5.0, etc)

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aozarovCommented: (can be embeded as plugin to many ideas).
For reasons just look at the main website ;-)
How about Eclipse? It's considered an IDE, but it does have some facilities for cleaning up code, adding comments for javadoc, etc. There are lots of Eclipse plug-ins available in case you have specialized needs like an xml editor, or testing with a Tomcat server. I used to use JBuilder until I was laid off, and then I couldn't afford their product anymore. JBuilder has a lot more bells and whistles that I would like to play with, but Eclipse does everything I need to write web apps.

playofwordsAuthor Commented:
Hello Guys,

I have gone thru a few of the free beautifiers available for Java, but i can't decide which one to use. I can't figure out which is the best.

Once the tool is accepted by the client for the duration of the project, it will be difficult to have it changed. Hence, I need your expert opinion with 'exact reasons' why you would prefer a particular one.

Please do state as many as reasons as you can for your choice! Suggestions without detailed reasons will not really be of any help. (Please don't copy and paste from the tools website!)

I have doubled the points.

P.S. Please suggest source code beautifiers (independent tools like Jacobe/Jalopy/etc) that runs from commandline as the tool will have to be integrated into the build process. The tool need to plug into an IDE optionally.

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So you didn't like jalopy?
I think it has all what you are looking for:
Free, most common IDEs integration, command line, invoke via ant, pre defined styles as well as highly configurable personlized style.
What else are you looking for?
playofwordsAuthor Commented:
aozarov, It is not about liking or disliking Jalopy. I have nothing against Jalopy or any other java code beautifiers. And that is why I posted the question here, hoping to get some input which will help me decide which tool to finalize on. Once the tool is finalized for the project it will not be easy to justify switching to another tool.

I agree Jalopy had a lot going for it earlier, but from the history page ( ) the previous release was 1.0 Beta 10 on  2002-11-14 that is long time ago. Also jEdit and NetBeans plugins appear to be for previous releases 1.0b10 and not 1.0b11! ( See plugin section on ). 1.0b11 was released on 06/08/2004 and its history/feature set has not even been updated, so its difficult to figure out what changes have been made and what new features have been added?

I wonder if 1.0b11 supports J2SE 5.0 language features or it still can handle only upto 1.4.2? ( The commercial version of jalopy 1.5  supports J2SE 5.0 language features)

On commercial side Jalopy 1.5 (2005-04-08)  has been released while it is still 1.0b11 on the free side!!

Maybe there is just not much development going on for free Jalopy? It is difficult to decide on a tool if there is not much progess taking  place in its development, hence I am not too keen on Jalopy.

Another option is Jacobe 7.1.0, which explicity mentions support for Java 1.5.0 language features.

I don't know much about either ( or any other ) of these tools so I am hoping experts   on EE who have used these tools can help suggest one of them by listing their pros and cons.

playofwordsAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone who spent time to provide answers.

aozarov, Thanks for your suggestin of Jalopy. Though I dont like this tool a lot, I dont have much choice or alternates and I will have to risk using it in a live project. Time will tell is this tool is still worth using. The only other option I came across was Jacobe, but it looks like that too doesn't have much following, so I guess it comes down to Jalopy.

aozarov, A suggestion though, I wish you would have provided more information about the tool instead of just directing me to its website. I had explicitly listed 5 points which I felt were important for selecting the right tool, and you could have provided a simple yes or no answer for each of the point with link to feature list on the website where the pint was mentioned, instead of just directing me to website. If you check the question, I have very explicitly mentioned "Please provide your reason for suggesting the tool (.......)." I don't approve of giving anyone a grade B unless it is an exceptinal case. I have given your solution a grade A as yours was the only serious response directly addressing the question, but I would suggest you to provide more details in your answers.

playofwords, I accept your comment and thank you for the grade.
It is just that i though the features list page, which I didn't provide at first :-( , is a small summary that have an answer to each one of your questions [except e]
I am sorry if that looked unprofessional to you.
BTW, what is the reason you didn't like the tool?
playofwordsAuthor Commented:
aozarov, For reasons why I din't like this tool, please read my earlier post in this question thread that starts with "aozarov, It is not about liking or disliking Jalopy". but in a nutshell, website of ( free ) Jalopy is not being updated properly nor regularly, so I don't know how commited it's developers are to the project, and in what stage it is now in terms of bugs and features.

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