Setting up LVM on fresh FC2 Install

I need some help: I'm installing FC2 on a new RAID server and I want to set up LVM -- I have 500G of storage that will soon become 1.25TB.  My raid controller (broadcom raidcore) will work with LVM, however, they require FC2; raid controller drivers not compatible with FC3.

I'm using the "text" install.  Array is visible, partitionable, and I'm able to either use disk druid or shell out to bash.  However, I've found that pvcreate is not available on bash.  

I've created a boot partition and a swap partition, but now I want the "rest of the drive" to be a logical volume.  That isn't working -- if I create a third partition that is LVM, disk druid tells me that I don't have a mount point for the installation.

I *could* create a third partition for / then create an LVM for the remaining space, but then I get into some guessing about how big to make the / partition.

Can someone walk me through how to create a logical volume in this "fresh" installation of FC2?

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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
During FC2 installation, in DiskDruid, click "New" and select "PV:Physical Volume" for the partition type.
You can create multiple PVs, then click "LVM" to create Volgroup and assign PV for Volume Group.
The more details, please check:

Or you can reference the following URL:
toddcurryAuthor Commented:
Wesly, sorry to not close this out promptly.  

Your answer was good, but those links were AWESOME -- you effectively got me on the right track with two clicks.  For that, I'm most grateful.

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