Mozilla Thunderbird - creating stationery - or templates?

I don't see much here on Mozilla.
Please tell me you know how to make a simple
stationery letterhead from importing an HTML
file or a Word file. Also where is the Template
file that I have saved my attempts thus far to, but
cannot find - nor can I find out how to edit
my Profile file or where i can open it....
ie., I am getting sick of that and about to ditch
the whole deal.
Help me soon!

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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQed with points refunded (500)

Community Support Moderator
There is some good help here on this page: I am quoting the part most relevent to you

<quote src="">

Thunderbird stationery How to Make Templates to use as Stationery:>>

Choose The Template Folder before starting

1. Make a new message. Add whatever text and formatting that you want to appear in the template. Now click on the Format>scroll to Page colors and Background and click on it. > Locate your background (stationery file) OE usually had it here
c:\programs files\Common files\Microsoft shared\Stationery Click on your stationery. Add the name of the stationery to the Subject line so you can find your stationery in the template folder.

2. Then go File | Save as | Template. The message you just created will now be saved as a template in your Templates folder.

3. To use this template as the basis for a new mail message, select the Templates folder and then double-click on the template you just saved there.
You can now change the Subject line to what it is that your email pertains to. Add your contact person. click in the writing area to start typing.


THere is more text on the page to help you further if you miss a step or something. Please get back if you have issues.
ChickenlilAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I guess not many people are
using Thunderbird - including me, I gave
up on it too!
Sorry to hear that. But you are from the braver lot to have tried it :)

I tried it for a few days specifically so that I can help people out here ;-) OE still remains my #1 client. Do you want a refund?
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