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I am using FindWindowEx function on a window and am sending a certain class displaying an animated picture the
wm_close message. It seems to work fine but after sending the message to the class the picture doesnt disappear like i want it to. I tried to UpdateWindow and RedrawWindow but they both dont seem to do what I want. If I cant wipe the dead image away
is it possible to send it a resize command so I can update the pages coordinates and trim it off? Ever better, is it possible to insert my own object (page or image) into that control (by classname)?

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Slick812Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am guessing this window is in a different process?  If you created a window and placed it in to another window , then the WM_CLOSE will not work on a child window to destroy it, , you might try the DestroyWindow(hNewWindow) function
You could try and do form.invalidate to see if that helps, or turn on the doublebuffered property of the form and components.

A FindWindow() and FindWindowEx() functions doesn`t result the descent classes like some Memos, Edits etc. They can only return a handle to the main forms of applications - not the controls in.

If we try to find a seconds forms of application by FindWindow, it return handle of main form of this application.

So: you have to

1) FindWindow of main application
2) Find the control by GetWindow() function, for example:

hwndChild = GetWindow(hwndWindow, GW_CHILD); // return first child of window
GetWindow(hwndChild, GW_HWNDNEXT); // return next control with the level same as hwndChild etc.
hello  Thor371, , I do not understand what you are doing ? ? You say - " am sending a certain class displaying an animated picture the wm_close message". . . But I do nt know what that means? ?

Can you show us the code you use for this. . .

 I do not understand your  "class displaying an animated picture" I do not know what the class is or how you placed it in a window?
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