Fujitsu N-Series lifebook with no drivers for sound.

Had a customers laptop which needed a reformat.  Once everything was installed, I could not get it to accept audio drivers.  Fujitsu's site has some tool for driver updates, but it said everything was fine.  Driver Guide ToolKit is also unable to locate a match for audio drivers.

Help!!! The customer might also have misplaced the bundled cd-roms.

Thanks in advance.
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, there is an N-series. I know, because I have one, a Lifebook N5010 to be exact. I chose it in part because I knew I could get Linux running on it (and indeed, SUSE Linux 9.1 Professional went on smoother than W2Kw/SP4 did - its a dual-boot).

Drivers for it can be downloaded from -->

On that page, under Select Product, choose "Notebook PC" from the pull-down, then under Select Series choose "N-series" from the pulldown, and then under Select Model choose the proper model # from the pulldown. Then click "Go" and you'll be taken to the proper driver page.

The audio and video drivers and finicky, at least with the Windoze ones (like I said, I had no problems with SUSE Linux). In W2K, I had to install them one at a time, with a reboot between each one.
please post the laptop model; without info we cannot help !

---> i have no crystal ball ...
on the site, there are b, c e  l s x series, but no N-series
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askpcguy909Author Commented:
All I got was nSeries Lifebook.  Their online tool says everything is fine.  I even found links to all their series, but it didnt have the N-Series driver link.

I have a contact working for Fujitsu checking their MIS department to see if they could help.  Monday Apr-18 2005 I will collect all the numbers off the bottom panel of the notebook.
if you got it over the phone, it could be L-series, but we'll wait till monday
Ooops. "The audio and video drivers ARE finicky...."
askpcguy909Author Commented:
Sweet, Thank you PsiCop.  I went ahead and grabbed ALL the audio drivers for each model and will try them Monday.

Should the notebook accept a driver and we get sound, I'll accept the answer.

Thank you in advance.
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