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highest bid keywords

Just curious what topics and/or keywords you know of that come up as some of the highest bids using the overture tool:

the highest i've seen so far was a bid for $17.01.  
2 Solutions
being an approved Overture Bid management partner at PPCBidTracker.com , we see some of the most competitive markets in paid search.
Over the last 18 months, mesothelioma has been one of the highest bid keywords in paid search.
It was capped at $99.99 until August, 2004 when Overture lifted the $100.00 limit, and is currently hovering between the $110-115 CPC range.

Other vertical market keywords that have experienced high bids:
debt consolidation
disk recovery
web hosting
brunobear -

If its not just the overture tool you are asking about but high paying keywords there is an interseting snapshot of 2000+ here http://www.adsenseheaven.com and I am almost certain that these come form http://toppayingkeywords.com

- duz
brunoAuthor Commented:
thank you both.

yes i was more interested in general topics not just on overture.....just that overture seems to have the only tool that lets you look them up without being a member.


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