Download redhat as 2.1 update 6 iso file disk 1: Where?

I can't find iso file (*.iso) to install Redhat AS 2.1 update 6 (disk 1). If u know, can u tell me? I want burn cdrom setup Linux from it.
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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is CentOS 2.1, not RedHat 2.1. The binary file might installable on RedHat 2.1.
As I addressed on the first post, you can not download RHEL 2.1 iso from internet freely (unless you have RHN account).
Go to
After you purchase it, then login to
to download the RHEL AS 2.1 Update 6 (in "Channel" tag).

RedHat AS 2.1 is a paid Linux, you can not download free.
Or you can download CentOS 2.1 (rebuild from RHEL 2.1 src.rpm)
and donwload the latest patches:
duxngAuthor Commented:
The file in is iso disk 1 of Redhat 2.1 update 6? I'm afraid it isn't what i need. I think it is only Redhat 2.1 (not update 6).
Or you can download (freely) the Source RPMs (SRPM) of all the updated packages, which RedHat does distribute freely.

As for CentOS vs. RedHat, RedHat's stated requirements for redistribution is that you must remove all trademarks, with their logos being explicitly referenced.  CentOS is, quite literally, all the source packages from RedHat rebuilt into binary packages, with trademarks removed.  I.e. same source code, just compiled on a different system.  This is likely to result in RPM compatability issues between the two distributions, but the packages themselves should be functionally identical.  The only way the RedHat packages would see an improvement is if the SRPM's did not match the binary RPM's, or if they use a better compiler.
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