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I need to get more traffic on my site. My competitors have more traffic. I know... I know.... it's a very complicated question. Currently I am paying for PPC advertising on major search engines. However, it is not getting me nearly as much traffic as I'd like. Plus the conversion rates with this type of advertising are not very good. My question how can I get more free traffic? What are the best, and most time-effective ways of doing this? Any help would be appreciated.
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redzoneglobalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you say:

"Plus the conversion rates with this type of advertising are not very good." - Are you measuring Cost Per Sale at the keyword level?  Or just utilizing a general conversion tracking metric at the campaign level?

The key to success in paid search is to measure the profitability of "each" keyword, individually.
This allows you to increase exposure on "Over performers", and minimize or eliminate "Under Performers"...

On the flip side, the road to Organic ("free") traffic is a long haul, and is a combination of several distinct efforts.
I suggest you visit
It is the largest community forum dedicated to Organic SEO, amongs other related topics.
jgallagherAuthor Commented:
The website is at
humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good info from redzoneglobal about PPC, but I have to disagree about WebmasterWorld.  Forums like that feature LOTS of misinformation either because people are repeating outdated information (search engine technology changes rapidly) or because they have bought into certain search engine myths that can do more harm than good.

Your best bet is to get a good basic SEO (search engine optimization) overview first - and the best place to do that is  Once you do that, you will have enough of a basic understanding that you will be able to see though much of the misinfo you may see elsewhere, such as in a public forum.  However, when you have that basic understanding, there will probably be very little you can learn from reading the posts in a public forum.

What you want to do is learn the basic techniques, begin to apply them, and monitor the results (not so different than PPC).  When you have specific questions that arise, I would recommend that you ask them here, but that's up to you :)
BTW - what are your conversion rates?
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