Can you use onboard and pci raid at the same time?

Calling all the RAID experts... :)

I have a biostar mother board with onboard raid set to raid0 for the OS.  I then installed a highpoint 1640 4 channel SATA raid PCI card.  When ever I boot I only get the 1640 bios option.  The option to enter the onboard raid setup is no longer present.

In the bios of the motherboard there is an option to set hard disk boot priority.  The only option that shows up is 'Bootable Add-in Cards' with no option to change to anything embeded in the mobo.

Am I missing the buss on the RAID technology here and how it all works in the bootup sequence/hardware magic that goes on?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!


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DRZCMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some controllers allow concurrent use with an onboard controller.  However, your's does not.  Contact the manufacturer and double check.  Most WD systems allow for concurrent use.  Perhaps you can swap yours at your seller.

Dr. Z
jamie177Author Commented:
Thanks DR. Z

I was under the impression they could be used concurrently.  Ah well, back to the drawing board.


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