problem with cd rom drivers.

I am running windows xp home.

just recently this problem happened to me. under my computer both my cd rom drives will not show up. i went to my device manager, under system settings, saw errors looked at it, said that the driver was corrupt or a problem and could not load it. i uninstalled both devices and rebooted, xp recognized both cd rom and installed them. everything was ok. now it happened again today i did the exact same time and still it says i must reboot otherwise the devices will not function properly so i did. still have the problem! i do not know what is wrong. any way i can replace the drivers? the help file does nothing, i cant roll back and xp cant find any better drivers. so i dont know what to do.

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tmj883Connect With a Mentor Commented:
CD-Rom or DVD Disappeared

Remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:


Click Start, Run and enter REGEDIT Go to the branch indicated above, locate the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values. Right click each and select Delete.

Please Backup your registry first.
j2023Author Commented:
update, i once again uninstalled the harware. then ran the windows hardware update it recognized the hardware installed it, but it says it may not work right till i reboot. do i want to reboot now. i said no. then i go and look and everything is find they show up and work the way they should. BUT if i reboot, i get the error again.

anyone have any suggestions?
It sounds to me like you have either 1) spyware or viruses running on your machine.

2) your HDD is becomeing corrupt.

So run spyware doctor and anitvir(or whatever)

after that run scandisk on your hard drive

My computer->Right click on C:->properties->tools->Error checking, check now->select scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors->start
j2023Author Commented:
i dont really wanna touch the registry, i  am doing the virus scanning now and i will run spy ware programs when it is finished.
i did notice when i looked at driver details one is from old software. now i tryed removing that but it wont work without it. i am thinking somethinge maybe got replaced and renamed. the software is no longer installed on my machine.
and no system restore is not enabled now, waists to much HDD space for me.
j2023Author Commented:

i looked up that on microsft website, i think you may be right i just looked in my registry the lower filter beloings to secureCD. old software that never worked right to begin with. i have a feeling if i remove that it will work ok.
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