Technical Form for Support Calls

i would like to have this forms in excel sheet, but i want it as template to use it many times, for that i want this forms ASAP

Technical Form for Support Calls (Electronic)
Log Form for all support Calls per client with complete details
All forms to have numbers plan and ascending per form entity numbering
Complete approved client contact list
Complete and comprehensive Escalation procedure for support.
Categorization of type of support possible for pricing.
Contracts for technical people with conditions.
Complete office equipment needed for BG Company in excel form template
Employment application for technical people.
Project approved main contact list.
Report on implementation team with complete tools and requirements

i want these form on excel sheet and look like profissinal.
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Not sure what the question is here but I reckon you should give a database some thought.  
Access for example would do this with ease.
Giving you the power to create fancy forms, (the easier for the end user the better, right!?)
Excellent frontend for SQL database.

I am fond of Access tab controls which i used to build a support system for a college project.  Give the power to have multiple forms without having windows open all over the place.
I am sure this is a matter of opinion and this is mine.

If you want any pointers, post back.

I agree with osiris.

One of my pet peeves is when it come to using spreadsheets as databases. Spreadsheets are great to do niffty calculations such as amorization and such, but people far too often force them into using it as a database because the interface is simple to make simple lists. Another cool part about databases is if management types want it in excel format (often beyond me but it's common), then you can export the data into excell format with relative ease.
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