Automatic Win 2K logon and Launch An application at startup.

I have the following system:
Windows 2000 running on a Pentium 3, 128MB ram.

This is the following I want to achieve.

-Make windows load assuming the user as Administrator ( so that I dont have to type the password at startup) on powerup.

-I want my application that functions as a Voicemail / Answering machine to load automatically at startup

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Just as an extra point, 128 MB of RAM is probably pretty borderline spec for Win2K unless you are purely using it as an answering service and have disabled a lot of the services from starting up when Windows loads.  The processor speed may also be a factor to how clunky it feels in use.
filedtechsupport, I'm not sure if you have noticed, but you have posted this question in the Windows 98 Topic area.

Perhaps, before any experts add suggestions, it might be appropriate to ask for administrative support to have this question moved to the Windows 2000 pages so that it will be fully addressed by experts who may be more knowledgeable in that area.

You could also ask for the question to be deleted with a refund of points, and then ask a new question in the Win2K area if preferred.

Just post a new zero-point question in
referencing THIS question, and explain the situation so that the necessary action can be taken before experts begin contributing suggestions here.

Noted, and thanks LeeTutor
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fieldtechsupportAuthor Commented:
Well I fixed this myself...I consider this question closed.
Thanks for the help by the way.
Whoops, I didn't realise that my comment had been accepted as an answer.  Was that you, fildtechsupport, or was that a forced accept LeeTutor?

I'm just a bit puzzled as to why my comment was accepted when all I did was suggest that it might be better in the Win2K topic area.
Thank you Lee, and thank you fieldtechsupport.  That really wasn't necessary.
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