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Problem with Reverse engineering while using C++ Analyzer (Rational Rose)

Hello Friends
I am trying to generate class diagram from the well complied source .While trying to get the diagram I am getting many errors and not able to find out where I am doing mistake.Some of the erorrs are

Line 22:22: can't find anything named CWinApp
line 30:1 : Expected ';', saw public
Can you please help me out .
1 Solution
hansol1Author Commented:
Now I am created the class diagram but not able to established the reationship between them.can any one tell me how to create relationship between them.
>>>> Line 22:22: can't find anything named CWinApp

CWinApp is an MFC class that is defined in afxwin.h (included by stdafx.h).

>>>> Now I am created the class diagram

Actually, I would need some source code to be able to help you ...

>>>>  how to create relationship between them.

You could parse the class definitions as a compiler does... Or you derive all classes by one baseclass and implement a baseclass function, e. g. getClassInfo ..

class BaseClass
      vector<string>  classNames;
      BaseClass() { classNames.push_back("BaseClass");  }
      vector<string>& getClassInfo() { return classNames; }

In case of multiple inheritance you would need a tree container rather than a vector.

However, that method would create much overhead and it isn't applicable if you need to use foreign class libraries like MFC.

Regards, Alex

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