High spec PC requirements

Our client wants AGP and 8GB+ RAM and CPU equivalent or superior to Dual Xeon 3.6. We have established no Intel motherboard exists for these 3 requirements combined,  so is there a board for "equivalent" top of the range AMD CPUs and a suitable black workstation case with cooling capacity to satisfy this requirement?
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rutlandictAuthor Commented:
Thanks so far - need a black tower case though.
rutlandictAuthor Commented:
These 2 boards support the 240 series Opterons. These wouldnt be as good as Xeon 3.6 would they? - or is the 250 Model - which is 2.4GHz - in that same series and supported by these boards?

The client wants "equivalent or superior" CPUs to Dual Xeon 3.6
We'd be grateful for clarification on that.
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