slowing down an ASUS 50x CD-ROM drive

My Asus CD-S500/A (V 1.4C) CD-ROM drive often spins too fast for comfort, resulting in files/discs not being read properly. I understand that the firmware on this drive cannot be changed, but I am looking for a permanent way of decreasing the drive's read rate so that it generates fewer errors. I've tried the Asus CDSpeed and Nero DriveSpeed utilities, but I hate the fact that I have to configure these utilities every time I insert a disc into the drive. Are there other tools that I could use?

Any help or insight would be most appreciated.
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CD-ROM Tool is a utility that can slow down the speed of the drive. I have not used this app myself so I cannot guarantee it will solve your problem but you could give it a try.
kwapawAuthor Commented:
I've given it a try, and it seems to work better than the two previous tools I've tried. Thanks for the suggestion.
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