Outlook Express Auto Start up

I have Win XP Pro and my Outlook Express automatically starts up at varying intervals. It is not my default primary email client. Where can I find the settings to change client to check for mail "on demand" only?
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SPSMillerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Once in Add-Remove Programs, click the button for "Add-Remove Windows Components".  It should be listed in this list.  Since it was installed with Windows it is put into this listing.  This is also where you could go to uninstall Windows games for example.
YOu might have installed a software knowingly/unknowingly that keeps sending an email. When the software was installed Outlook Express was your default email client and hence the program keeps launching OE to send emails.

The other possiblity is that, you have installed an auto email checker. If so, disable that software.

If this doesn;t help you, see what all programs you see in your Installed Programs' menu. Tell us and we may be able to help further.
If Outlook Express is not your primary email client, do you need it still?  If not I would suggest you simply uninstall Outlook Express.  This would provide two benefits.  1. Outlook would not auto launch anymore.  2. You may find out what is causing the auto launch when it can't find Outlook Express anymore.
tazman405Author Commented:
SPSMiller:  I would love to un-install OE but don't know how.  It is not listed in ADD-Remove.  How can I do It? Thanx, taz
tazman405Author Commented:
Thanx SPSMiller, uninstalled and problem solved!!  taz
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