dos application fails on wireless network - worked on ethernet

We moved our video rental store this week and installed a wireless network.  We were networked by wire at our old site.  The network works well - shared files transfer through the explorer, all th systems appear in the network connections.  Our main application (called Rapid Rental written in Turbo PASCAL) however is DOS based, residing on a shared directory on one of the PCs.

When we click on the shortcut, the screen goes black with the cursor blinking and hangs there where the menu usually would appear quickly, eventually it might go to the menu program, other times it gives an error message: " internal error 0222  initialize page table" and , then goes to the menu when the user hits enter.  

If it does get to the menu, selecting a program to run causes the same black screen (I think it is either "Chaining" or "Shelling" at this time) and hangs.  In either case you can alt-tab and pull up the task manager and it shows the shortcut (not the target EXE) as "Running".

On the wired system we used static tcp/ip addresses - we tried them on the wireless network (though a bit different as indicated by the Linksys manual)  but it didn't seem to help.
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murrayselfAuthor Commented:
I got it to work by deleting instances of CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT (both 0k in length) lurking in the root directory, allowing the DOS program to use the ones in the SYSTEM32 directory.

Don't know why - but everything is OK now.

Murray Self
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