Connecting domain computer to a workgroup Internet computer

Have a closed network with 15 computers in their own domain.  Need to send some data out (via e-mail) to out of state sales reps. Installed 2nd network NIC on a domain computer, and with a crossover cable can see, ping and map to a drive on a standalone computer with internet access.  But something in the network will not let me copy any files to the stand-alone computer, yet I can copy from the stand-alone to the domain computer?? which just the opposite of how we need the info to flow.  Anything you can suggest to help will be most appreciated.
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bmquintasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a share  and tick the option "allow network users to change my files"
Hi mark21ray,
Can you please let us know exactly what happens when you try to copy the file across?

Do you get any error messages?  If so, what were they?

This will help us work out what the problem is.
mark21rayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your interest.
I'm not at work now, so I'll have to try it again to get the error message
mark21rayAuthor Commented:
All I get is and error message with a big red X that says Cannot copy (the file) Access denied
                                                                                 make sure disk is not full or write protected
                                                                                 and the file is not currently in use
It must be some permissions thing set up on the domain, but I don't know how to get around it even logged in as an administrator.
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