Windows 2003 Terminal Server TIF default size

we've got a windows 2003 server (terminal server) with about 50 users that are using 2 internal web apps for their jobs.  in internet explorer, the default temporaray internet file size is 327 mb.  the web apps are maxing this space out in minutes, which also maxes out our drive space.  each user only needs 1 mb of tif space, and i've gone in and manually adjusted the size for several users, then disabled their ability to change it.  problem is, when new hires come in, or we add another term server, i have to reenable changing the value for users, change it from 327mb to 1mb, then disable access again.

is there a way to change the default 327mb for temp inet files for everybody?

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Hi aaalife,
You might want to look at the login script at
This will allow you to set the temp internet file size from a command line.  You could include it in your login script.

Alternatively, you might want to look at the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) - available at
This will allow you to do a considerable amount of customisation to IE.

Does that help?
Glad I could help :)

aaalifeAuthor Commented:
when i installed the ieak on the term, group policy added an option for setting the default tif file size.  never did get the ieak successfully installed, but once i had the setting option in group policy, didn't need it anymore.

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