Recommend a script that uses a form to upload to a server, etc.

I'm looking for a really good form script to purchase.

I'm working with several companies that need to transfer large graphic files from a local PC to my server and back to a different PC.

I've messed around with a couple scripts already and they either aren't working or are not very robust.

Here's what we need to do:
1.  My Client's Customers need to upload large graphic files (some in MAC formats from MACS) to my server, using an online PHP form.
2.  Once the file is uploaded - I'd like to email my client that his customer has uploaded a file; and I'd like to send my client's customer an email saying that the file was uploaded successfully.

That would be great.

I've had such good luck with EE script recommendations . . . so I hope you know of a really good one.

Many thanks, April

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concerning the first link you can download it from here (the link near the homepage zip) :
the examples in it is in english (example_en.php)

for the third you can find the download button in the middle of the page
(I think you will need to create a free subscription before downloading)
zip :
or tar.zg :

here is more
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:

Well, the first link's page isn't in English.
I really liked the second links script - but when I tried to download the file at - I get a 404 error.
The third site doesn't seem to have any upload scripts.

I'd really like to purchase a script that has some bells and whistles and good documentation and support.

Any more ideas?

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aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Hi.  thanks.  I was able to download the second one this time.  Don't know why I was blocked before.

So now I've got a couple of script to try.

Yeah, I looked through Hotscripts, but hadn't found anything really fancy.

Looks like I'll just have combine a cool form script I already have with the PHP upload function.

Appreciate your help.  Now I can stop searching - now that I know I'm not missing anything.

Glad to help, you are welcome :-)
in addition if you want you can download this package too (you will have to download PEAR to use it)
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