PCAnywhere Rather Slow

Here's the Scenario:

Both the Remote and Host side are using PCAnywhere 11.
The Host is a Windows XP Pro with 512MB RAM, P4 2.2 Ghz System
The Remote is a Windows XP Pro SP2 with 1 Gb Ram P4, 2.2 Ghz or Windows 2K Pro SP4 System (either system)

The Remote is trying use an application that is running in a DOS Window on the Host Side.  It is horribly slow for screen refreshes.  However, if the Remote is accessing a Windows App on the Host Side, it is very fast.  The problem is running an app that is in a DOS Window.

Interestly, in the same scenario, except using UltraVNC, there is no problem.  (For now, that's been the work-around).  But there must be something going on with PCA that will run DOS apps so slowly.

I have already run the "optimization wizard" on PCA.  That really didn't help.  I've reduced encryption to none.  That didn't help.  

It happens with 10 to 10.  10 to 11.  11 to 10 and 11 to 11.  

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Louis James
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CarlWarnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can't change the Remote I log into to check this for a week, but you might get some mileage out of this for your sessions.  If not, you can change it back. [Shot in the dark]

Windows XP Compatibility Issues
Enabling the Windows XP Lock desktop items feature prevents
pcAnywhere from optimizing the host desktop or disabling the Windows
Active Desktop feature.

To disable the optimize desktop for remote control option:

1. On the remote computer, on the Edit menu, click Preferences.

2. On the Remote Operation tab, uncheck Optimize desktop for remote

3. Click OK.
I don't know if what I noticed applies in your case or not.

I've logged into a WinXP PC with PCA11 on it and it was painfully slow.  It turns out in this particular case, the newer Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta 1 is on that PC.  As soon I right-mouse clicked on that icon in the lower right of the task bar and chose Shutdown Microft Antispyware, the speed picked back up immediately.  I don't even know where to report that problem to Microsoft.  But it sure needs to be addressed before the product release comes and it's no longer in beta.
LouisJJamesAuthor Commented:

No, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), neither system is using the MS Antispyware.  In fact, this happens on multiple PC's.  And it's only when using the command prompt (the DOS window).  Any Windows apps (16 or 32-bit), has no problem.  

It's certainly hard to figure out something without feedback.
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