How do I Rip DVD's to my Computer?

I have several DVD's that i would like to  rip to my computer so that i can view them from my hard drive on my laptop (No worries, i own the DVD's). I have seen movies that people download from the net that are around 800mb to 1 gb in size and look pretty good, and are either in an AVI file or a DIVX file. Does anyone know how to rip DVD's to the computer into these files and roughly that size, making sure the quality is still decent? Points will be awarded to the person who comes up with the cheapest but effective way to do so. Thanks for the help everyone!

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selectleeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, art1188,

Follow this guide and download the software, you will rip DVD to AVI/DivX/VCD easily.
japly53Commented:  (DVD Shrink is free)

#  AoA DVD Ripper 3.7
# DVTool 0.61
# vStrip 0.8f11

Auto Gordian Knot (free): 

If you know what you're doing, you can try (also for free) Gordian Knot:

but this is not for beginers.

These are the tools that give the best result.
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