How to use API to read window text

I want to write a program that captures text from the window of another application.  Unfortunately, the text I wish to capture appears to be part of an image that is loaded in the other application's main window (i.e. the text is not a label).  Is there any way to retrieve this text through API calls?  If not, is there another method all together?  

Additional Information:
I am using C++ for the project
I cannot purchase additional libraries

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Look for an OCR library.

Although you said you cannot purchase additional libraries, you may find one cheap enough to justify the purchase. I don't know what your hourly rate may be, but coding an OCR algorithm may well keep you busy for weeks. Do the maths and see which is cheaper.

This artice may give you a better understanding of what's involved:

If you want to solve a personal problem (i.e. the code will not end up in an application that gets distributed to others) and you own Office 2003, you may consider using the MODI library. For an example, go here:

I doubt that there's any freeware solutions.. This would be a lot easier (but not easy mind you) if you know what font it's in; but if you're talking about those random-image-password things on websites, then good luck!! lol.

jonmclean2Author Commented:
Its a recongnizable font though i don't know which one.  Its not a website random-image-password things :-)
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