Adobe Gamma for setup with 2 monitors

I have 2 lcd's hooked up to one PC.
Does Adobe Gamma allow me to calibrate each monitor separately?
If so, how do I do it?
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Lobo042399Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi rj,

I don't think Adobe Gamma lets you calibrate both displays separately. In any case, Adobe Gamma does a very poor job of calibration.

A nice free tool to calibrate your monitor is Monitor Calibration Wizard. This tool is far more comprehensive that Adone Gamma and it's free. You can save your custom settings and have it load them every time your machine boots. Monitor Calibration Wizard can be downloaded from:

Also, a couple of neat online calibration patterns can be checked at:

Good Vibes!

Hi again rj,

Thinking about it, since Adobe Gamma relies on adjusting the monitor settings manually, I think that yes, you would need to run it on both monitors separately.
Thanks rj,

Glad to be of help.

Good Vibes!

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