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I have this Q in the CF forum, but after a little more searching I believe the problem is more to do with my Apache config....
I have just installed coldfusion MX7 and Apache 2.0.53. I am trying to get open the the admin page in Coldfusion, http://localhost/CFIDE/adminstator/index.cfm page, but my browser tries to save it. There are a few solutions to the problem here, but neither helped me.
index.cfm has been added to the DirectoryIndex in the httpd config file.

Any thoughts?

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EoinbnAuthor Commented:
sounds like apache is thinking the cfm files are the equivalent of unknown mime filetypes, basically apache won't process it into an html output. Check again if coldfusion is installed properly.

EoinbnAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

Look at installation guides to previous versions of CF they talk about adding the following command to the httpd.conf
LoadModule coldfusion_module modules/ApacheModuleColdFusion.dll.

However this dll doesn't seem to exist in MX7.
EoinbnAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I got it working.
I then went back and removed my Apache web server config, and added it again. However this time I ticked the check box to 'Configure web server for CF applications' , which I don't remember seeing when I added Apache during the install.

Thanks again!
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