Have you seen this device?

Are you aware of any device that will load share and provide fail safe redundancy to multiple outbound vpn
software configurations?
I'm aware of a few but I need to now from ones who have used such products and knows which is best.
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Cisco has been doing it for years...

Are you asking for a device that provides a backup system for your VPN setup in a worst case scenario?
Might i simply suggest a mirrored RAID drive?

this will backup everything.
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glpoliteAuthor Commented:
No, I need a device like a firewall, router or some sort of gateway that supports multiple VPN's and also can connect 2 routers to so that if one router fails the device automatically switches over to the other so work can be continued.
Try these:


http://www.linksys.com/products/product.asp?grid=34&scid=29&prid=589 (about $299)

They do failover + use both connections at the same time.Doubling your available bandwidth.

glpoliteAuthor Commented:
have you ever used the 8-port vpn router? I have a friend who tried to use this product for the same situation and it really gave him a time with recognizing multiple VPN's- (AND its a VPN Router)
glpoliteAuthor Commented:
I love Cisco's PIX also.... I wanted to get an idea for other products that do the job also, just so as to not be single-manufacture minded.
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