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Internal and External DNS setup


We have external DNS namespace ‘xyz.com’ hosted on external DNS and internal DNS namespace ‘mycorp.xyz.com’ hosted on internal DNS

We have web server in the LAN available on internal private IP address

Web server’s ‘private IP’ is published on Internet on public IP address with hostname ‘www.xyz.com’

How can we configure DNSs so when users in the LAN want to access ‘www.xyz.com’ they are directed to the web server’s internal private IP address, and users from the Internet are directed to the web server’s public IP address. We do not want to maintain same ‘xyz.com’ zone on the internal and external DNS servers.

2 Solutions
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

As far as DNS is concerned you can't make it available inside your network on the private IP without giving it an entry in a local version of xyz.com. That means that you can't avoid maintenance of the xyz.com zone for a DNS based solution.

There are a few other options:

Adding www.mycorp.xyz.com to DNS and encouraging users to use that
Add www.xyz.com to Host files on each network client

I take it your Firewall / Router can't be configured to allow requests from inside the network to the public IP of the server?

you could use some kind of DNS proxy.  a good example is MikroTik routerOS has such a thing (and i suspect that it is just a proprietry version of some open source solution)

you can download a mikrotik routerOS, you just need to the free license version.  Load it up on a cheap old pentium class pc with a 48MB ram and 1gig disk.  then use that system as the dns server for all internal clients.  now just add a 'static' mapping for the www.xyz.com to point to your intranet site - any other *.xyz.com will be retrieved fromt he real DNS system.

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