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I have a customer who has a Brothers printer copy scanner.  He has his home phone hooked directly into the computer.
My question is how can he tell if he is getting a fax or a call from somebody.  Is this possible to segregate the two and if so how would this be done through XP or the printer setup?  I would appreciate any and all responses to this question.


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WatzmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

When a fax call is made, the sending fax machine can insert a tone onto the phone line that can tell the receiving end if it's a fax or a voice call (no tone = voice call).  However, the ability both to do this and to detect is isn't by any means universal.  What he has is an "MFP" (multi-function printer), not really a fax machine.  There are way too many hardware and software configuration for such a setup, some of which involve connecting the phone to the computer, and others of which involve connecting the phone to fax machine itself (either in addition to or instead of the computer, and/or analog voice telephones), for those models that have internal stand-alone fax capability (not all of them do).  There is software configuration that goes along with all of this.  I have not used the Brother products, but for the HP products, then have huge foldout poster that comes with the device and an entire configuration program on CD-ROM that you have to run to initially configure the device, and this software ends up telling you how to connect the hardware (including the phone line), and then the software itself ends up configuration the MFP.

I's suggest taking a close look at the Brother documentation and software that came with the MFP, or looking at the brother web site.
i think, the easiest is to set the fax to a determined number of rings, before it takes the call, but you may have to look up the manual for the correct setting.
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