PC Locks at Compaq Logo But Never Goes Any Further

Hi Everyone:

        I am wanting to help a friend with a problem of a Compaq computer.  Basically, at startup, the Compaq Logo Appears, but never disappears for the pc to go on into the desktop.  Upon casual observation, I noticed the fan within the power supply is not rotating which probably explains some if not all of this problem.  Incidentally, I noticed the power supply is mounted to a sliding bay which pulls out with the power supply and held and place by screws.  If it needs an entire new power supply, it may be hard to find one which will mount to this bay.  Is it possible to only replace the "fan" and retain the power supply?  

        In any case, the power supply problem may not be the entire reason for the pc locking up at the Compaq logo.  Since I am not sure exactly, I desire to entertain this pc concern to everyone.  

       Any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions will be appreciated and welcomed.

       Thank you

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Well a few things u need to keep in mind.

Firstly the fact that u have display and a beep indicates that the motherboard and display card and RAM to a certain extent are working fine. Next comes the hard disk and cdrom which if attached propelry shud let the system boot further or show a diagnostic screen. Try to hit F2 and enter the setup. I think its F2 for a Compaq system, it cud be F1 or F10 or DEL also. Check to see which one is it. You can optionally also reset the BIOS to clear previous data and enable auto detect again.

The power supply fan cud be having a sensor in it which is indicating to the motherboard or BIOS that all is not well hence further bootup is stopped to prevent data corruption etc. CHanging the power supply shud fix that for you as the easiest solution.

Checking the RAM on a different system wud be a better help and eliminate the chance of failing RAM if that might be the case.

Check that all cables are attached properly. I just fixed a system where the floppy drive ws not attached properly and the same thing wud happen as its happening to u. Wudnt even enter BIOS till I removed the floppy drive and reset the BIOS. You might wanna try the same.

Since the fan is not spinning which is quite common i suggest u open up the power suppply and unscrew the FAN. One side of it wud have a sticker covering the place where u can put some oil and that will make it better again. However as a more permannet solution i use a little graphite grease along with a drop of oil which makes the FAN ok and doesnt give any problems at least for a couple of years. You can also put in a new fan. Its just soldered onto the power supply at 2 positions and can be removed and reaattached  again in 5 minutes flat. You might wanna show it to some technical guy if ur not comfortable doin it urself.

All in all setting the fan right shud solve it for u aand yes fixing the fan is possible and u do not need a new power supply IMO.

nobusbiljart fanCommented:
Personally, i advise against lubricating fans, since in most cases, they have bearings; those are fine, or bad, but lubricating does not help. If they do not have bearings, it  is a sign they are worn out, and in this case lubrificating can help for a week or 2, but not for a long period.
That is why i always recommend replacing it. You can buy them everywhere, rather cheap and replace them. it mighrt take soldering the wires though.  Remember to take out all AC connectors first, since it is a switched power supply, and that means that it is not insulated from the AC net.
As for the Power supply, it depends on the model if they can easily be replaced; if it is a compaq proprieary model, you need to have the same model from Compaq, since the plugs are different; otherwise you may be able to replace it.
For the rest, you will have to get into the Bios, and check if the disc is recognised correctly, and if it is set to boot from the disc.

I hope this helps you a bit further George !
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

         Before I begin, I want to apologize to the experts who participated within this post.  I accidentally provided some misinformation.  While the Compaq logo did lock up at startup, it had nothing to do with the power supply.  The machine runs so quite, I automatically assumed there may be some issues with the power supply.  Upon closer visual inspection of the power supply, I did notice the fan rotating.  

         In any case, I realized the problem was hardware in nature because my system disk being used was not even detecting a hard drive.  So, I removed the harddrive and visually inspected it.  Upon close examination, I found a black, burn in spot on one of the chips on the HDD circuit board.  Luckly, I had an extra backup 4.3 GB HDD here to place into the machine.  I went ahead and formatted it and loaded 98 on it because the machine is an older one.  Now, the pc boots fine all the way to the desktop.  

         Once again, I apologize for inadvertently providing misinformation regarding the dynamics of the pc concern.  As always, I appreciate the quick and professional responses.  



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