Open an FTP popup window login using Internet Explorer on a Mac

How do I create a LINK on a WEB SITE that opens an FTP pop up window - on a MAC.  

We need our customers to click on a link from our website that will open a pop up window that will allow them to enter the correction user ID and password to go directly to their own directory on our server.  

I'm also confused on what boxes will be in the popup window.
If there directory is "customername" would they use the following?

Password:  ******

This is urgent so 500 points.

Thanks, April
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Isn't this essentially the same as this question?

As mentioned in that question, ftp link functionality is browser dependent, so your web browser will have to know how to handle these requests. Currently, Mozilla and Firefox on the Mac will allow you to browse, but not upload.

The URL format for ftp via a link is:

So this might be: etc... depending on your ftp settings.

Note that the above browser constraints still apply. Also, passing the username and password via the URL is bad security and it is suggested that the users remember their own username and password, so they are prompted by the link. E.G:

Clicking on the link will prompt for a username and password rather than passing it openly to the URL.

Now that you are in a bit of a bind, have you considered a file manager for your web site?
There are heaps available at HotScripts, some free, some not:

That's assuming you are using PHP, there are also ones available for ASP:
I may have come closer to an answer.

Safari passes off any FTP links to the System's default FTP client, whether that may be the Finder or another software FTP client. Ryan was right in the other question about not having the ability to upload files with the Finder though.

Check out this article at MacOSXHints for more detail:

Looks like your Mac users will need to install an FTP client like Transmit or FTPeel:

Both allow you to set the default FTP client.
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Dear Cracky - yes, the questions were similar, but you gave me exactly the "extra" answers I need above.

I did install a web form that allows uploads and will probably make some other file management interfaces for them.

I think I'll understand better when I actually get on a MAC and see what they are talking about . . . but I'll be ARMED with all the facts thanks to you.

Appreciate all your time.  Best regards, April
I'm glad we could help April. Good luck with it. Who knows, once you get in front of that Mac, you might give up on PCs altogether. I know I did :)
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