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I have set up a apache server in my company which is behind a router. My router have been set up a port forwards (that is 203.xxx.xxx.xxx to so I can access my apache server anywhere. But I can't access my apache server in local by the ip 203.xxx.xxx.xxx. I can just access it by the ip Why is it? Should I set something for my apache server?
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manav_mathurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually, routers do not route traffic internal to a subnet. Hence, your router forwarding won't work on web-requests generated bt a machine inside your company. Inside the subnet, your apache machine is recognized as
So, if you Apache server is on, just direct your systems on your LAN to that IP. Any systems outside your LAN will have to be directed to the router first.
for a class B network, your routing tables on each machine should have entries for for accessing local subnet, and a default entry for your router IP as the default gateway. Can you post the output of 'route' command??
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