Optical Mouse is functionaly but strange.

Ok, I recently bought a new wireless keyboard mouse combo by microsoft.  After a bit of trouble getting them to work, and being forced to use USB for the mouse, I get them both to function within acceptable margins.  But the optical mouse has the strangest bug, when I move the mouse quickly across the mouse pad it moves in the direction I move it, but then will double back as if I had reversed directions, then reverse directions again and continue to follow my intended movement.  For working purposes this isnt too much of a problem, however I do enjoy playing games, and in a first person shooter this can be very annoying since when I try to turn right or left quickly will result in me just shaking my view left and right and ending in the same direction I was facing.  The mouse pad I am using I have had for a long time now, and worked without incident with a previous cordless optical mouse by logitech.  So yea, I'm confused.  Oh yea windows ME is what I'm running.
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Here's a basic primer on how the optical mouse works: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/question631.htm

Here's some ideas for you:

1) Have you updated and scanned for a computer virus lately? Some of them can cause some funny mouse behavior.

2) Check for interference - radio interference could cause some confusion for wireless mice. Make sure that you have short, clear path between the mouse and its receiver, and no powerful electronic devices nearby - if you use a wireless network, move the router as far away as you can. Check for other radio transmitters nearby.
3) Replace the batteries - the number one cause for funny behavior in wireless mice is dying batteries. Doesn't matter if it's new, you don't know how long it sat on the shelf. Replace them and see what happens.
4) Get rid of the mouse pad. It may be that your optical mouse detect rate is picking up a recurring pattern in the mouse pad surface, such as dots of similar color. If you are moving the mouse at the right rate, it picks up the edge of one set of dots, then picks up just a tiny bit different location on the next set of dots, and thinks you've actually moved backwards - it's the same effect as when you are watching a old movie and the wheels appear to turn backwards. You don't need a pad for a optical mouse anyway, unless you have a glass desktop.

Good luck!

mattmikasaAuthor Commented:
Ok, I tried most of those suggestions but its still the same.  Heres the thing, it works for the most part, its just when I move it fast it messes up, ONLY when I move it fast it wavers back and forth and then continues to move on its path.  Is this more likely to be a hardware problem or a software, because a mouse that for some reason moves in this manner is very strange to me.
Ok, some questions for you:
What brand of mouse are you using?
Is is PS/2 or USB? Did it come with a PS/2 adaptor (if so, try using as PS/2, the USB can slow things down)
Did you install the unique drivers that came with it, or are you using the standard windows drivers?
Have you updated the drivers from their website?
Have you go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Mouse and changed any settings to see if they help?

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hi mattmikasa,
among the good suggestions from Iherou i would only comment that such kind of problems with optical wireless mice from Microsoft i have also observed,,,i'm not sure what really causes the problem:the sensor or the cmos inside the mouse but,this problem is really nasty,,,
as you commented that you're a gamer then rather go to buy a gamer's mouse such like:
-mx 510: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=3,CONTENTID=8070
-mx 518: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2142,CONTENTID=10121 a really gaming mouse
-mx 1000 : http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2135,CONTENTID=9043- but it's wireless
Razer: http://www.razerzone.com/ -also not bad gaming mice
my opinion:corded mice are much better than the wireless ones.

mattmikasaAuthor Commented:
So what your saying is that there is nothing I can do to remedy the problem?
I am using a USB connection for the mouse right now, and yes I did go to the microsoft website to get the best drivers availble, however microsoft being microsoft, their best is exlusively windows XP.  I ended up with older drivers, I'll hive the PS2 a try, thats what I was running my last optical cordless mouse from but this time it gave me a lil trouble so i moved to USB hopefully its that simple.  I would really like to avoid buying  new one since I bought the keyboard and mouse as a set and I would not want to buy 3 different kinds of mouse before I find a functional one.
mattmikasaAuthor Commented:
Heres something interesting too, I changed to PS2 like someone suggested,  and now not only does it go back and forth when I move it fast, it also jumps down and to the left consistently after the mouse has traveled a certain distance on my screen.  The jumps are the same distance starting from where the mouse pointer is and jumps down and to the left from there.  Is this mouse just not sensitive enough to see the changes of the mouse pad when I move too fast?  And whats with the mouse jumping down and to the left when I use the PS2 port?  I have now missed about 5 times trying to submit this message, so forgive me if there are multiple postings....
i would delete the usb mouse enties , and the ps/2 mouse entries (which is applicable) from device manager and reboot. Then test again, even with another usb port.
you can also try another optical mouse, or test this one on anohter system, to be sure it is ok; if it is bad, have it exchanged.
Also check if there is nothing sticky on the underside, or glue rests.
mattmikasaAuthor Commented:
Is it possible that the software for the mouse can cause these problems?  I went back to my old mouse and got scared when it started doing the same thing as my new problematic mouse, but after installing the software for the old mouse it was fine.
you could try to use the integrated in windows xp mouse driver,and uninstall the intellipoint mouse driver,,,
when you plug in the usb mouse ,the win xp must recognize it and activate the HID devices driver so the new microsoft mouse must also work without the intellipoint pack/i think this is the very driver you have extra installed for the ms desktop(keyboaerd+mouse),don't you?/,,,

Yes, it's absolutely possible that the software is causing the problem. Try attaching your new mouse using the old software and see what happens. The worst that could happen is that you have to reboot.

Incidently, I use a Logitech Trackman (thumb-operated trackball) for gaming, it works great for when you are doing a lot of continous turning, you never run out of mousepad.
mattmikasaAuthor Commented:
I'll give a couple other things a try, I will probably just get a real gaming mouse since the one I bought was made more for business than anything else.  I'll close this out soon thanks for all your help.
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