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SKU112.cab, office can't find it...

New Compaq laptop, came with office trial installed. uninstalled trial. Installed off the shelf, full list price Office 2003 (2 CD's). worked for 2 mo.'s. Now, when Office starts I get a message that A)there is Visual basic compiler error B) Can't install a feature C) CAN'T FIND SKU112.cab and would you put CD or... whatever in. Did so, Repaired install, says the repair completes well, but when I restart the app. it tells me yet again that it can't find the file SKU112.cab. Checking CD's there IS NO SKU112.cab file. This jives with other posts to this group and the Internet. Now, what kind of bogus game is Microsoft up to? (That is rhetorical, please...).  My computer dealer is OfficeMax so there is no taking it back there. I am going to have to fix this thing myself. I have checked the HD and the CD and no file. I did see something flash by about "pdfmaker". and something about a third party app. Have been given a new feature by Microsoft that does not allow my Adobe PDF maker to operate?? Or?? Thanks... I am losing patience with Microsoft. Oh and there is the latest version of XP Pro and no service pack 2. Thanks again. Oh I called Compaq tech support in India and they told me to call Microsoft... Wanna' place a bet on what Microsoft is going to say?
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petebarthAuthor Commented:
You have two versions of the same software installed and possibly running... Go to Add/remove programs and check to see if you have for example the "Standard" edition of office installed and the "Professional" version of Office installed. If so remove the "Standard" edition and your "Pro" version will work fine. If You only have "Works" and "Pro" installed, delete "Works". Fixed my problems, perfectly.
There seems, from my initial searches on google for "SKU112.cab", to be some connection with the anti spyware program "Spyware Blaster", and possibly also anti-virus programs.


"installation error: file not found
a required installation file SKU112.CAB could not be found. original installation source required: If youu installed microsoft office standard edition 2003 from a cd, please insert your cd. If you installed microsoft office standard editon 2003 over your computer network, please browse to installation source on your network. once you have located your installation source click ok".

This error only started after I have installed Spybot Search and Destroy,Adaware and AVG Virus Scanner.
Even though these programs are installed, it appears as if they are installing
all over again and I have to click the "cancel" button several times to stop it. I didn't install microsoft office standard edition 2003 from a cd or from the net.
My Operation System is Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Amongst the various suggestions, one in particular suggeted the correlation with Spyware Blaster, and quotes a previous observation by another member of that forum:

Quote: "If a new 'puter comes with Office XP installed, don't install Spyware Blaster. Office XP will come up with an error message and want you to insert the Office XP CD to install something new when you try to run Spyware Blaster. They don't give you those CD's with a new system, so you're stuck cancelling the error boxes every time you try to run Spyware Blaster". End Quote.
Probably best to uninstall all three then install one program and see if it works until you find which one is creating the problem.

Follow up by author:

I tried doing a repair on microsoft office to save me the trouble of uninstalling/reinstalling the virus and spy programs again, but that same error installation file SKU112.CAB could not be found appeared again just at the end of the repair.  And later I did un/re installed the virus and spyware programs again which works fine now except the SpywareBlaster.

Rhetorical question by question author:
"What I don't understand is why would they have microsoft office standard edition 2003 or any edition even on the new installation cd if there is no SKU112.CAB (product key I think it might be called) so office will work? It looks to be a strategy they use for purchase of the program if one wants it".

One other suggestion was to "try downloading the evaluation version of Microsoft Office from https://microsoft.order-6.com/officestandardedition/addrform.asp and see if it provides the missing SKU112.CAB file".

The author of the piece quoted by one of those other forum members in his suggestion, came back with this explanation:

"The problem:
The first file that the program needs will be displayed on your screen. Once that file is loaded, the program may ask for another and then another, etc.
Well, I'm sure you get the picture. Without the actual CD from which that program was loaded you may just be whistling in the wind.
You either need the original CD's or just delete that buggy program and replace it with something that works, like Office 2000.
As I said previously, I have a friend that uses an Academic version of Office 2000 Pro as a repair tool to fix problems with that (buggy) Office 2003".

A bit cynical, but it makes sense.  IF your Office 2003 came preloaded and without recovery CD's AND IF the "Custom" setup in Add/Remove Programs > "Add or Remove Office Components" is set to "Install on Demand" for several different uncommonly used components, then the first time the application calls for the missing component, it will prompt for the source of the required components.

If, during the original preloading of Office 2003, the installation was done as a "Normal" or "Minimal" setup, then it is possible that not all of the source files have been copied to the hard drive.

Sometimes .CAB files are packed into OTHER .cab files, and this would only be apparent if you went through all the .CAB files on the installation CD or source install files on the hard drive, and opened them in WinZip.

You say that you UNINSTALLED the trial version of Office 2003, but it is a well known fact that uninstalling MS Office rarely removes all the vestiges of itself, including registry settings and installed files.

There have been Office Removal Tools for Office 97 and Office 2000 created by Microsoft for this very purpose, but I will have to search and see whether there is one for Office 2003.

There is one thing that might be hampering the full and proper installation of the full retail version, and that is if the original .MSI installer fle for the trial version has been left on your system along with the registry settings quoting it as the "install source" for MS Office 2003.

First off, do a file search (tailor the search to advanced to show all files) for *.MSI files to establish the folder they are copied to.  RIGHT-Click on each, and select "Properties".  If they are large files, it can take a while to show the properties.  Look under the "Summary" tab, and it will tell you what the .msi file is for.

Armed with the file name once you have established the one originally used by MS Office 2003 trial (they most often use numerical file names), open REGEDIT and use EDIT Menu to FIND keys, values, and data (non-case-sensitive) named filename.msi.

I'm NOT immediately sure of the key that contains the "Uninstall" details as would be seen in the Add/Remove Programs list, but in Windows 9x it is:
where the sub-keys contain details for all the installed programs which have an uninstall or repair routine.

It IS possible for vestigial keys to remain in this key, but not show in Add/Remove Programs, and what you are looking for is evidence that one of these is pointing to the filename.msi file as the "LocalPackage".

For instance, the "LocalPackage" may show something like:
or something similar.

I will try and see if MS has created an Office Removal Utility for Office 2003, but meantime there IS a utility designed to clean up leftover "Windows Installer" debris for specific previously installed programs after they have been uninstalled.

Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

I would suggest uninstalling the full version of Office 2003 and then running the Installer Cleanup program before trying to reinstall the full version again.
Was typing that up while you were finding the solution which was along the lines of the latter part of my comment, and without having to resort to the removal or cleanup utilities.  Great work :-)
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(1) SKU112.CAB is a hidden file in the root directory of the MS Office 2003 CD.
(2) SKU112.CAB is not a small file. When MS Office installation program copy SKU112.CAB into a directory (for me, it is X:\MSOCache\All Users\90000....(some serial no. here).......\), if the disk of this directory is not sufficient, it will not report "out of disk space", it will report "SKU112.CAB" not found! This is my experience when I "repair the office", after I enlarge the X: partition, "SKU112.CAB not found" message no longer appear.
petebarth solved the problem himself as indicated in the 2nd comment, directly after his initial question.
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