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Replacing Compaq EVO N610C power supply

Hi ,

I have a problem with my Compaq EVO N610C laptop in that it will not power up anymore,.
one fine day the supply point in which you insert the AC adapter's pin into the laptop simply heated
up and then there was a slight burning smell,. around it,.

Do you think there is any way to change the power supply of the laptop,. and that will fix this?

If yes how?

Thank You,

2 Solutions
i would suspect other damage as well, and i do not know of many laptops where you can replace parts; so i fear you're out of luck if you do not replace the motherboard
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
There is a good chance the AC - DC converter was the cause of this, if you have a VOM (Volt Ohm Meter) or a mulit-meter you can check the DC output from the AC adapter to see if it is off the mark.

nobus is correct that other components were damaged, since your Power Supply is your AC Adapter and the Batteries.  There is a part of the Motherboard this supply goes into which distibutes power/watts to the components.

Only two things I can think of that would heat up the adapter and cause smoking is a bad adapter or a direct short in the Laptop.

Here is HP/Compaq's help site:


Sorry, no real good news.

The problem MIGHT have been limited to the connector itself, or it might have been more extensive.  In the former case, the problem is finding a suitable replacement connector, which is difficult enough by itself.  In the latter case, it's more complex.  Inside the laptop is an entire swithhing power supply.  This takes the single voltage DC from the battery and/or the AC adapter/charger, and generates all of the many voltages that the laptop needs (3.3 volts, 5 volts, 12 volts, sometimes -12 volts, sometimes 12 volts (for the LCD backlight - sometimes)).  This power supply may either be on the laptop motherboard or it may be a separate unit assembly.  If it's on the motherboard, and it's failed, you are pretty much looking at a motherboard replacement and are screwed.  If it's a separate module, you are back to the problem of finding what might be a difficult to obtain part.  Either way, the steps are:

1.  Test the AC adapter/charger (multimeter, and perhaps a suitable load (light bulb of the proper voltage)).
2.  If it's bad, replace it
3.  Open the laptop
4.  Inspect for damage

After step 4 things get much more difficult depending on what you find.  The problem may be obvious, or there may be no visible signs at all, in which case you probably won't get much further without a service manual.

If the laptop is under warranty, of course, just return it (WITH the power supply).

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