Unable to import email to MS Outlook

I am trying to migrate from OE6.x to MS Outlook
I exported my data. Copied it over to the new machine with MS Outlook. Tried the improt function of MS outlook but it says "The mail folder coulf not be opened. If another application is using the foler, please close it and try again.

ANy tips?
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Hi rohgan,
sounds like you're migrating to outlook *and* a new pc at the same time? here's what i would do. follow the instructions in this mskb article, and transfer outlook express *to outlook express* on the new machine.

test it when you're done by opening up outlook express and make sure everything's there. close outlook express.

then i would simply open up outlook,
file->import/export->select 'import internet mail and addresses' ->highlight 'Outlook Express 4.x,5.x,6.x' select what you want to import->click next

rohganAuthor Commented:
I dont have outlook express on the new PC.
I know this is for Express 5 but maybe it will be of help

OL2002: Outlook Express 5 E-mail Does Not Import

How to import addresses from Outlook Express to Outlook

let's try this one, i've used it successfully before. click on "when outlook express and outlook are on different computers"

in regards to outlook express not being found on the new machine, OE is part of the internet explorer download. if you're using IE you probably have outlook express somewhere, or if XP is your operating system you can also go to control panel->add/remove->add/remove windows components, and add it there.

ps Outlook Express is installed with all versions of Windows since Windows 98.  You probably have it and don't know it.  Click START->RUN and type in "msimn.exe" (w/o quotes) to start it.
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