Problem ghosting partitions to larger drives in windows 2000 server

I have a serious issue regarding my hard drive space on the current server i Manage.  I have a 40 gb maxtor running on a tc2120 proliant server.  The problem is that the c drive partition is set to 10 gb while the other is set to 30GB.  I have 300MB left on the c partition.  I did the logical thing and bought a 160 GB seagate barracuda drive.  I ghosted the partitions from one drive to the other and increased the size of each partition.  The only problem is that i can't log in to windows because i get a directory service error stating that the specified file cannot be found.  

i attempted to boot into the directory services restore mode, however i cannot get past the stupid ctrl alt del screeen.  everytime i put my password in it acts as if it is going to log me in but all it does is bring me back to the log on screen.  am i ghosting the partitions wrong or is ghost not capable of ghosting win2k server partitions?  

I am not trying to clone to another identical machine.   Ijust want to put new hard drives in so i can increase the size of the partitions without losing any data.  

Please help!!!

proliant TC2120
pentium 4 2.6
maxtor 40Gb IDE hdd ata 133(2 partitions 10/30) adding Seagate 160 Gb barracuda ata100(2 partitions 60/100).
256mb ram
windows 2000 server

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David WallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which versions of ghost are you using, if I remeber correctly early versions of  Ghost would only work on a server as a way to restore data at a given point back to a identicle machine, it couldnt be used to migrate data to another drive.

THis may have changed  but check up with ghost documentation.

You may need to restore from tape.
csuarez9791Author Commented:
Using 2003 version
csuarez9791Author Commented:
I apologize, i am actually using symantec ghost corporate edition 8.0.

but i thought those were the same versions.
csuarez9791Author Commented:
I forgot to mention that i am replacing the old hard drive with the new one.
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